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Key to Russian composite industry


1. The first Russian language magazine "Composite World" is:
- a stable developing trade magazine for composite market of Russia and other Russian speaking countries;
- a magazine with constantly increasing reading audience;
- a magazine with target postal delivery to composite companies;
- an informational sponsor and a participant of industrial exhibitions and conferences.

Composite World magazine   69 (6_2016) 

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Media-kit 2017


07 | 02 | 2017 Composite World magazine at the exhibition Composite-Expo 2017
"Composite World" magazine is a participant of the exhibition "Composite-Expo 2017" to be held in Moscow on February, March 28-01, 2017. We offer to advertise your company in our magazine!
07 | 02 | 2017 Composite Expo 2017
Composite-Expo 2017 10th edition of the International Specialized Exhibition on raw materials, equipment and technologies for composites producing. Read more...
07 | 02 | 2017 Russian market will know about news in your company from your press-release
Send us the latest news of your company and we will put them on news coloumn of our Russian version web-site. The most interesting news will be published in our following magazine.
07 | 02 | 2017 Find your partner in Russia
A unique opportunity to find new partners in Russia
07 | 02 | 2017 Advertising module + free banner on web site
we will place your banner on Russian version of site www.kompomir.ru absolutely free


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